AI Monday - an event for AI explorers 

AI Monday is a monthly networking event for those who are interested in AI. The aim is to share AI-knowledge and encourage organisations to initiate their change journeys. 

  • What?   Networking, two crisp presentations, one AI-demo.
  • To whom?   AI curious people, change leaders, businesses with passion for data and disruption.
  • Where?   Oodi library, centre of Helsinki
  • When? Next AI Monday takes place 16:30 - 19:00 on February 11th. On stage: 
    • Viivi Nuorti / KPMG
    • Manne Laukkanen / SmartDataHub 
    • Olli Kuusisto / VTT
    • Kaisa Helminen / Fimmic
  • For me? Contacts, knowledge, change tools, ideas.
  • On-line? Yes. T&T streams live presentations 17-18. 
  • Off-line? Yes. Presentation videos can be found on T&T pages and in the archive.

Other points to note?

AI Monday -events are free of charge and accommodate over one hundred participants. Registration is needed (button below).

Light meal will be served. We would ask participants to arrive between 16:30 and 17.  

AI Demo and the two or three 9-minute presentations, followed by Q&A are held 17-18. Feel free to join the discussion on-line via Twitter with #AIMonday 

Presentations are held in English. 

Further information:  +358 45 12 696 21.